"Inspiring True Beauty From the Inside Out"

Caretaker. Provider. Nurturer.

You've taken care of everyone else...

NOW its's time to take care of YOU!

"Focusing on your inner beauty will be reflected in your outer beauty."  Dr. Lynnette 

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Stay Beautiful! Stay Alive!

Women's Wellness Retreat

"Retreating Into The Presence of Jehovah"

October 12-14, 2018

Northlanding Beach

Virginia Beach, VA 

Retreat Testimonials

"Inspiring, high energy, and you definitely felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Thanks for including me in the journey."


"Just want to say, thank you so much for the wonderful yet spiritual time last week. I have talked so much about it to others that they wished they had been there.  A special thanks to Bro David also, he was so helpful and supportive to us all. It was good to see the 2 of you working together. That was so inspirational. Thank God for the both of you. The salad was so great and everything done will never be forgotten. May God bless each of you and for those who helped to support you, again I say thanks.  Blessings as you endeavor to move forward with Staying beautiful on the inside as well as the outside."


"Thanks so much for your help and     support. My friend and I really   enjoyed the retreat...

 every part of it. "


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Stay Beautiful! Stay Alive! Tour

Dr. Lynnette is currently scheduling  2019-2020 dates for the Stay Beautiful! Stay Alive! Women's Wellness Tour. 

If you'd like to host Dr. Lynnette at your next woman's event, please contact Dr. Lynnette here

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