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Schedule your complimentary Discovery Session  (valued at $75) with Dr. Lynnette, MD. During this 15-minute phone or virtual Discovery Session, we will chat to get to know each other a little more and to see if I would be a good fit for your needs and to explore:

♦  Your health and wellness goals

♦  Your interest in partnering with Dr. Lynnette, MD

♦  The lifestyle makeover process, coaching packages available, and financial investment required

♦  Your level of commitment to achieve your goals

Disclaimer: Please note that there is no coaching provided during the discovery session.  No medical advice, treatment, or care is provided during this or any future coaching sessions.  Potential clients must be at least 18 years of age. Dr. Lynnette, MD reserves the right to decline coaching requests.

What Lifestyle Makeover Package Will Work for You?

Do your health goals include one of the following?…Weight loss, prediabetes/diabetes reversal, lowering blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol, stress control, cancer prevention, or optimizing your immune system.  If yes, schedule a Lifestyle Makeover today! The initial Wholistic Lifestyle Makeover session is a one-time session that is very comprehensive and may take up to two to three hours to complete. This is typically done by phone or virtually. If you are a motivated self-starter, you may decide to choose the Lifestyle Makeover Bronze Package, which also includes one 20-minute check-in. This package could be just enough to get you started on your journey to optimal health. If you feel you need additional empowerment, education, and inspiration, from Dr. Lynnette, MD, then the 30-Day Silver Coaching Package or the 90-Day Gold VIP Coaching Package is recommended. Lifestyle Makeovers make a great gift for that special person.  Faith groups or other organizations may also sponsor Lifestyle Makeovers. Below are the Seven Steps of the Lifestyle Makeover process.

Step One: Assess

Step One is the assessment of your current state of health and wellness. This assessment is to be completed by you, the client, prior to the appointment. Dr. Lynnette, MD currently utilizes the tele-platform Healthie, which is user friendly, but if the client is not tech-savvy, other options can be explored. The assessment includes health history, lifestyle inventory and biometrics such as your weight, height, and waist size.

Step Two: Evaluate, Educate & Empower

During this step, your health history and lifestyle inventory that you provided during the assessment phase will be reviewed with you for the purpose of discovering your health and lifestyle strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Lynnette, MD will provide intensive lifestyle education and empowerment in this phase of the Lifestyle Makeover.

Disclaimer: No physical exams, medical diagnosis, or medical advice or care is provided during the Lifestyle Makeover Consultations.

Step Three: Motivate

If not previously done, you will select your top goals to focus on, utililizing the SMART method of goal setting. This method ensures that all goals include all of the following criteria:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic/Rewarding
  • Time Bound

Step Four: Strategize

During this step, together we will create a realistic, personalized lifestyle daily schedule from the moment you wake up to the time you lay down for sleep. This schedule is designed to implement wholistic lifestyle factors critical for your optimal health and wellness. We will also discuss strategies to overcome potential scenarios that could cause setbacks to following your new daily lifestyle.  Depending on the coaching package you have selected, during this step you will also initiate via the tele-platform, Healthie, a virtual support program such as the All Natural 12-day Detox or the 12-week PURE, whole-plant food support program, for daily email and virtual guidance on transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

Step Five: Dedicate & Commit

During step five we will review your SMART goals, lifestyle plan, and personalized daily schedule that has been created.  You will set a start date and make a commitment to the plan and process.  I commit myself as your health coach to be your cheerleader during your journey and hold you accountable along the way. We will celebrate your little and big victories…TOGETHER.

Step Six: 


During this step, you prepare your mind, kitchen, home, and activities to align them with your new lifestyle and personalized schedule. Then you will start!  The sooner you start, the better! Check emails daily for the 12-Day Detox or PURE program and complete the assignments to receive the maximum benefits from your coaching package investment.

Step Seven: Check-in, Review, Re-evaluate, Revise

In this ongoing phase, you will schedule periodic,  phone or virtual check-in sessions with Dr. Lynnette, MD to review your progress in accomplishing your SMART goals, your lifestyle plan/schedule and if applicable, your biometrics.  Together, we will re-evaluate and make adjustments, as needed. We will also use this time to discuss any questions you may have regarding the 12-day detox or PURE programs modules and/or assignments. The number of check-in sessions will depend on the coaching package you choose.

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