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Stay Beautiful! Stay Alive!

 By Dr. Lynnette

October 15, 2018

This past weekend the inaugural Stay Beautiful! Stay Alive! Women's Wellness Retreat was held at Northlanding Beach. The hurricane that just passed the night before, threatened the retreat due to flooding on various roadways leading to the beach, but God made a way! The theme was "Retreating into the Presence of Jehovah" and we certainly felt the Lord's presence. We were blessed especially at the varied services including the prayer breakfast and a roundtable bible study discussion on Proverbs 31. A highlight of the weekend was the agape feast banquet, with the theme "Falling in Love with Jesus...Love Songs to Jehovah." We experienced an intimate encounter with the Lord and the women left feeling beautiful and loved.  Do you want to feel beautiful and loved despite the storms of life? I challenge you to "Retreat into the Presence of Jehovah", and Stay Beautiful! Stay Alive!

What Gift Did You Give Today?

 By Dr. Lynnette

May 6, 2018

Each day of life is a precious Gift from the Loving Creator. Using your life, talents, time, and influence to bless others is your gift back to God. What gift will you return to God today?

Hello 2019!

 By Dr. Lynnette

January 1, 2019

2018 has come and gone. As you look back over 2018 consider the following questions.  What lessons were learned? What were your successes or failures? What do you wish you had accomplished but didn’t? Is there someone you need to forgive?  As you consider these questions, do not linger too long on what could have been but rather now focus on what you can and will do in 2019! Expect extraordinary results especially if you allow the good Lord to order your steps.  2018 was a great year for me.  I laughed, lived, and loved in 2018. I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary, celebrated another birthday, hosted the long dreamed inaugural Stay Beautiful! Stay Alive! women’s wellness retreat and had good health reports. I look forward in 2019 also laughing, living, and loving by celebrating each day of life and continuing to build a lasting legacy of love, hope, and faith with my family, friends, and community. Won’t you join me in saying........

HELLO 2019!

Here I come!