About Dr. Lynnette

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"Knowing her is like having a doctor in the family."

     Dr. Lynnette is a board certified family and internal medicine physician, inspirational motivational speaker, vegetarian food instructor,  and entrepreneur.  She received her bachelor of science in nursing, magna cum laude from Howard University. She subsequently received her doctor of medicine degree, magna cum laude from Morehouse School of Medicine. Over the years, Dr. Lynnette has promoted healthy living to the local community and the world through her "wellness center without walls", by the provision of compassionate health care, inspirational messages, health seminars, health expos, cooking classes, lifestyle makeover consultations, Overcomers Fitness Boot Camps, online wellness education,  and  most recently hosted the 2nd annual Stay Beautiful! Stay Alive! Women's Wellness Retreat. She also has served previously as health leader at her local church and currently serves as the  health coordinator for several churches in the Virginia area. 

     In addition to being a wife and mother, which she feels are her most important roles,  she is also a  proud ride-share driver-partner and a Legal Shield Independent Associate and encourages others to become entrepreneurs/business owners.  A passionate health educator, she has a special interest in preventive and lifestyle medicine and women's health and believes that addressing the whole person physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually is critical to achieving optimal health.  Most importantly, she recognizes, that she does not heal, but that rather she is an instrument to help others heal, under the guidance of our Creator, the Great Physician. 

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